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Writing with Pen

Cohesive Editing
for Writers Whose Second (or Third, or Fourth) Language is English

As your editor, I will suggest alternative words and phrases to make your piece professional while still maintaining your unique voice.  In addition to improving grammar and spelling, I'll also provide constructive feedback on readability, pace, and flow.


Services + Pricing

Light Edit
$.03 per word

Your text has already gone through numerous rounds of editing and rewriting. It does not require substantial edits in word choice or sentence structure. 

  • Misspellings and typos

  • Punctuation, wording, and basic sentence structure

  • Minor word choice suggestions

  • Simple grammar errors

Medium Edit
$.05 per word

Medium edit includes all of the above, plus more structural corrections at the sentence and paragraph level.

It includes a final light edit (see above) after you have made all the suggested edits.  This final review ensures your content is polished and professional. ​

  • In-depth analysis of content and grammar structure with suggestions for improvement when necessary

  • Polish overall word choice and offer suggestions

  • Recommendations to improve style, tone, word choice, and sentence structure

  • Suggestions for phrases, sentences, and paragraphs that are awkward or unclear

  • Move or delete text for logical flow and organization

  • Check for repetitive language

Heavy Edit
$.09 per word

This calls for a more nuanced, in-depth level of revising.  A heavy edit includes everything in the medium edit, plus more structural corrections at the sentence and paragraph level.  Text translated with Google Translate requires this level of editing.  


It includes a final light edit (see above) after you have made all the suggested corrections.  This final review ensures your content is polished and professional.  

  • A larger number of suggestions on major structural issues, such as moving or re-crafting sentences

  • A larger number of suggestions in word choice

  • Reordering of paragraphs or cutting redundant text

Using Google Translate?

I love Google Translate as much as you do.  Unfortunately, the translations usually have many grammatical errors, structural flaws, and incorrect word choices.  Therefore, Google translations will require the heavy edit option listed above.

Image by Christian Dubovan


100% of the balance due is required before editing begins. 

Payments are accepted by PayPal, TransferWise, or bank transfer. 



Opera Singer, Bulgaria

Translation can be a difficult task because the literal translation from a native language does not always make sense. For that reason, I feel very lucky to have found Lindsay. She is an amazing proofreader.  She is kind, smart, and fun to work with.  For my business website, she edited my creative biography quickly and perfectly.  I recommend Lindsay and admire her work!


Head of Content, Ukraine

Lindsay always shows up with the best work and lots of dedication to her craft.She's helped our project only with the highest-quality editing and coaching. Lindsay is an attentive and diligent professional and a lovely human being.I'd recommend her to anyone and am very glad to have her on board with our project.


Opera Singer, Bulgaria

I’m building a website, and I needed all the information in English.  After my “translation,” Lindsay edited the work extremely quickly until she was sure everything was perfect in English.  There are so many differences between my language and English, so this work must be done by native speakers like Lindsay.  After Lindsay’s work, I realized that I can’t create good translations without her professional intervention.  In the future I will write all my English documents with her help.

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